Obama’s Remade Inner Circle Has an All-Male Look, So Far

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Given the leading contenders for other top jobs, President Obama’s inner circle will continue to be dominated by men well into his second term.

Kristen McGuire‘s insight:

Excuses, excuses. You know what, Mr. President? We’ve heard it all before. Either you are committed to gender diversity, or you are not. There is no middle ground. And just calling in to a White House conference call on the paycheck fairness act will not make me forget that you did not bother to hire women for your own leadership ranks.

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About Kristen West Mcguire

I'm a wife and mom. Sometimes I work, and sometimes I homeschool and sometimes I just meddle, Although I worked at a military chapel for a few years and even taught CCD, most of my life I have been just a pew-sitting, kid-shushing Catholic mom. Since my conversion in 1992, I've been propositioned to join Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, the Neocatechumenal Way, Cum Christo (at least I think that is what Ultreya meant), and at least a few third orders, I just don't go for that extra stuff. I'm a Plain Jane Catholic.
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