She’s back….

Having the college son home this summer is a good kick in the pants. The kid can write, prolly better than mama. And, he works hard. His blog has new posts, oh, twice a week. I sorta kinda want to be just like my son, and yet, it always seems like other things get in the way.

I don’t really know if I can keep up the pace. (He doesn’t have seven other kids vying for attention, alongside the hubby who might like a glass of wine and an hour of my time.)

But I enjoy reading his blog so much…that I really think it’s time…to try this blogging thing again for myself, and see how I do. I always have something to say. And especially lately, I feel compelled to say it. That’s the cool thing about being a woman of a certain age. So here goes…


About Kristen West Mcguire

I'm a wife and mom. Sometimes I work, and sometimes I homeschool and sometimes I just meddle, Although I worked at a military chapel for a few years and even taught CCD, most of my life I have been just a pew-sitting, kid-shushing Catholic mom. Since my conversion in 1992, I've been propositioned to join Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, the Neocatechumenal Way, Cum Christo (at least I think that is what Ultreya meant), and at least a few third orders, I just don't go for that extra stuff. I'm a Plain Jane Catholic.
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